National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


PlayAbility is a registered NDIS provider of Early Intervention and therapy supports . This means we can provide Early Intervention under the Early Childhood Early Intervention approach and or therapy supports for children with a funded NDIS plan aged 0 - young adult.  

Every child and every family’s needs are different.  Please call our office on 64961918 for any queries, support or to make an appointment to go over any of this process.   Please click here to find out more about the NDIS services we offer.

For children aged under 7 to gain access to the NDIS you need to get in touch with EACH who are the NDIS Partner in the Community who will link your family with an ECEI Coordinator. EACH Coordinators are child development specialists with qualifications and experience in early education, family support or allied health. Your ECEI Coordinator will work with you to understand what is going well, and where your child may need further support. From there EACH and you will decide together, what supports are going to be most appropriate for your child and if your child will meet access requirements for the NDIS.  For more information see EACH's website


What’s happening with the NDIS? (for more general information about the NDIS and early childhood please click here)

Are the terms and lingo used regarding the NDIS leaving you feeling frustrated or confused?  Please click here for a list of the commonly used terms and their meaning.  There is also an Auslan video explaining the concepts.

Please click here to read or download the NDIS brochure entitled "Early Childhood Early Intervention - How can the NIDS help you" .

The Raising Children Network has a great update on the NDIS approach to Early Intervention CLICK HERE to see their page.