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NDIS: National Disability Insurance Scheme

We work collaboratively with you to meet the goals and aspirations you have for your child.

PlayAbility and the NDIS

PlayAbility was established as a community based not-for-profit organisation in 1985.  Since then we have provided family centred early intervention services to thousands of children in the Bega Valley.  


Our core purpose is to support children living with developmental delay and disability to participate meaningfully in their community and culture.  Because of this, PlayAbility has maintained accreditation as a registered NDIS provider since 2017.  This ensures our programs and processes meet the quality practice standards set by the NDIA and the Quality Safeguards Commission.


PlayAbility is registered to provide Development Supports for children aged 0-8 years.  Our specialists are trained and supported by allied health professionals to engage children in activities that promote development of speech and language, social communication, emotional regulation, motor skills and self help skills.


PlayAbility is also registered to provide Therapy Supports for people of all ages.  However, at this point our service focuses on children and young adults.  Therapy supports are delivered regularly by allied health professionals or therapy assistants working under supervision.  Currently we offer speech pathology only.


Both Early Childhood Developmental and Therapy Support have group options and well as individual one on one sessions.  Sessions are typically one hour a week but can vary due to budgets or targeted goals.


PlayAbility is also registered to provide NDIS Plan Management for participants funded for this support.

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Early Childhood Developmental Supports

Providing direct therapy and support to a child plays only a small part in supporting development.  When parents, caregivers, teachers and assistants all come together as a team, meaningful progress and lasting progress can be made.


For children, play is easiest pathway for engagement and meaningful learning experiences.  When parents and caregiver are involved in individual or group sessions positive relationships thrive through shared enjoyment.


By working in collaboration with parents and caregivers, building capacity and learning from each other, you can learn to support your child’s development within routines at home.  This is particularly valuable when challenging behaviours are an issue.


Further to this our specialists can help with unbiased information about referrals to other providers, facilitate communication with schools and help you make decisions about supports that maximise your budget and reach your goals.

What families say about our programs...

Support services at PlayAbility

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NDIS Play therapy

NDIS Play therapy

Play therapy is a child-centred practice to assist children with their emotional development. Children who present with behavioral challenges learn to make sense of their lived experience and trauma through humanistic play.
Individual family support

Individual Family Support

From a chat about your child, helping out with transport or working through complex paperwork, we support families to feel connected and included.
NDIS supports - kids 0 to 8 years

NDIS Supports (0-8)

Developmental specialists promote the development of social communication, cognitive, self care, and motor skills. By developing these skills through play each child can have an improved sense of belonging and participate more meaningfully in their local community.
NDIS Plan Management

NDIS Plan Management

Our Plan Management service can pay for services and provide financial oversight of your child’s NDIS funding. Your child’s plan will need to be funded for plan management to access this service.
NDIS group activities - kids 7 and up

NDIS Group Activities

We offer a range of programs in Eden and Bega for young children and teenagers. Group programs vary according to demand and special interests and can run through the school term or in the holidays.
Supported playgroups - kids 0 to 6 years

Supported Playgroups (0-6)

We hold free weekly supported playgroups in Eden, Bega and Cobargo. Families can enjoy a lightly structured playgroup lead by early childhood educators in a relaxed setting.
NDIS therapy supports (0 - young adult)

NDIS Therapy Supports

At present, PlayAbility can offer speech pathology services including assessments. Delivery can include individual, group, or through supervision of a keyworker or therapy assistant.
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: 12 week program

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

A free weekly program for women in the last trimester of their pregnancy through to baby turning 8 months old. Supporting healthy relationships and connections to community and culture.
Mobile Toy Library

Mobile Toy Library

Our mobile toy library is like a book library - but for toys and parenting resources. The toy truck travels to various locations across the Bega Valley each term, including our playgroups.
Indigenous family support

Indigenous Family Support

Free and voluntary services for First Nations parents and carers to maintain meaningful connections to their community and support the well-being and development of their children.
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