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Mobile Toy Library

Our mobile toy library is like a book library - but for toys and parenting resources.
The toy truck travels to various locations across the Bega Valley each term, including our playgroups.


At no cost you can borrow from our large and varied collection of age appropriate toys, outdoor equipment, books, puzzles, games and more.  Children and their families can take items home and return when they no longer used.

Our experienced staff are also able to provide information about childhood development and resources and referrals to other services and community groups.

Where can you find the Mobile Toy Library?

Our timetable is updated each term with the locations and times of the next visit to your community. Bookmark our events page to find out where it will be next.

PlayAbility Newsletter
will keep you in the loop!


Phone: 02 6496 1918 



What's on at PlayAbility

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