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Family Support

PlayAbility is an all-inclusive service: achieving real and measurable goals in education, health and development (wellbeing, social and emotional)

Connecting with parents and carers

We empower parents and carers to achieve meaningful change through connections to social networks and local community agencies to improve outcomes in wellbeing, health and child development.


PlayAbility recognises parents and carers as their childs’ first teacher and that they have an innate knowledge of what their child needs to thrive and engage in the world around them. 


We acknowledge that parenting is challenging and that trying to access help and information about health, education, legal, housing, disability and other social services can be hard when there is so much else to do.


At PlayAbility we can help.  The first step is often to come along to one of our supported playgroups held weekly across the shire.  The Toy Truck is also available at locations around the shire on a weekly basis.  Both these services have experienced staff you can have a chat with about parenting business.


All our Family Support services are voluntary and free of charge.  


If your needs are beyond what we can do in the first conversation we can follow up with a social worker.  A social worker is trained to listen and to link you in with the local services you need to help you get on top of things.  If you have specific concerns about your child’s behaviour or development, we can help with this too.  

Who can access our
Family Support programs?

Any family with a child under 8 years can come along to our:


Mums who are pregnant or have a child up to 8 months old can come along to our:

Family Support services

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