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Rights, Inclusion, Privacy & Advocacy

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Confidentiality & privacy 

All parents, carers and children accessing supports from PlayAbility, staff, and volunteers, have the right to privacy and the protection of their personal information.

PlayAbility protects the privacy and confidentiality of individuals by ensuring that all records and personal information about individuals including children, parents and carers, volunteers, and staff is collected, stored, disclosed and disposed of in an open and transparent way in compliance with Australian Privacy Acts, Codes and Principals.

What personal information is collected?

PlayAbility will gather information from parents and carers for the purpose of delivering safe and effective supports and services.  This will include:

  • Contact information

    • Client name and date of birth

    • Contact details of both the client and the parent/carer

    • Emergency contact information

  • The nature of a child’s disability or developmental delay. 

  • Health and medical details.

  • Details about any known risks to your child.

  • Cultural and religious preferences.

  • Other agencies involved including providers engaged in supporting the family.

  • Details about client goals, progress towards goals

  • NDIS referral information.

  • Information directly related to the safe delivery of supports.

When will this information be collected?

Consent for information will be sought either in the intake or the service agreement meeting.

PlayAbility will explain to the individual the purpose the information has been collected and how it may be used, accessed and disclosed. 

Where is personal information kept?

PlayAbility client data is stored on a secure cloud-based systems online.

Documents that have been generated on hard copy are kept no longer than 3 months in a locked file before being uploaded and the originals shredded.

Request for information

Parents /Carers may request their personal information in writing. PlayAbility will provide this information within 24hrs or provide a written explanation.

Individuals have the right to lodge a complaint if they believe PlayAbility has breached their privacy by contacting the Australian Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992.

If you wish to read our full Confidentiality and Privacy policy and procedure please email or call 6496 1918.

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