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NDIS therapy supports (0 - young adult)

At present, PlayAbility can offer speech pathology services including assessments.
Delivery can include individual, group, or through supervision of a keyworker or therapy assistant.


PlayAbility has a trans-disciplinary team of developmental specialists which include specialist teachers, speech pathologists and therapy assistants.

To ensure all children have access to quality speech pathology support we use a range of support models depending on need.  This includes assessments, time limited intensive support, supervised keyworker and therapy assistants as well as ongoing individual sessions.

The therapy support role is collaborative and includes supporting caregivers to implement strategies at home or school.


PlayAbility follows the NDIS price guide. Individual fees and charges will be outlined in each clients Service Agreement.

View PlayAbility’s NDIS Fee Schedule

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Pauline Mendes, Therapy Supports Manager


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