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Indigenous family support

Free and voluntary services for First Nations parents and carers to maintain meaningful connections to their community and support the well-being and development of their children.


Our role under these programs is to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians through listening, caring and collaborating on meaningful and achievable goals.

Aboriginal Family Worker

A voluntary program to build the capacity of families with young children. PlayAbility will create a culturally safe environment where families can access a range of supports that reduce the risk factors that lead to vulnerability

Funded by the NSW Government under the Targeted Earlier Intervention program.

“Let me create my world”

A voluntary program to support families give children a good start in life by improving early childhood developmental, care and education outcomes. PlayAbility will support families to access supports that address any concerns about their child’s development or access to education.

Funded by the Federal Government National Indigenous Australians Agency: Children and Schooling program.

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