Indigenous Family Support

“Let Me create My world”

Creating strength based programs for children and parents alike, focusing on the importance of creating a world where children feel connected to their community  and culture allowing them to create their world.

PlayAbility has funding for two Indigenous Programs:

 Indigenous Family Support, funded by the Federal Government's Indigenous Advancement Strategy.  
This is a new approach to engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve real results.

The Australian Government is committed to achieving better results for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander The program is broken into 5 different streams and we have funding under the Children and Schooling stream.
The Indigenous Advancement Strategy is changing the way Australian Government funding is delivered to ensure it is more flexible and better designed to meet the aspirations and priorities of individual communities.  Together, we can achieve real and lasting results to close the gap on disadvantage and ensure all Australians have the same opportunities in life.


Aboriginal Family Worker, funded by the NSW Aboriginal Child, Youth & Family Strategy
This strategy is a prevention and early intervention strategy that aims to provide Aboriginal families with children
the best start in life.

The strategy has a particular focus on supporting Aboriginal families expecting a baby or with children aged up to five years.
This is underpinned by a strong body of evidence demonstrating the importance of the early years in a child’s development, and the long-term effectiveness of supporting parents and children during these years.
Indigenous Family Support

Here are some things we can do for you:

  • Pick you up to come to Playgroup;

  • Link you to services such as Doctors, Centrelink, Child Health Nurse, School, Preschool and Childcare;

  • Have a yarn about your kids health, keeping kids safe, play, learning and getting ready for kindy;

  • Find out information about other services or the NDIS for you.  Click here if you'd like to see some more info about the NDIS now.

For more information please call one of our Family Support Workers:

Kylie Eldridge-Spires  0427 677 066

or Kim Aldridge 0447 233 848