Therapy Supports

PlayAbility provides therapy supports for children aged 0-young adult with a funded NDIS plan.  We currently provide occupational therapy, speech pathology and psychology.  We provide these services under a similar model to our Early Intervention where we can provide services at school, home or other situations/activities that meet the needs and goals of your child and family. 



Intensive OT Sessions


Intensive OT Sessions are run over 4 consecutive days, thereby enabling an opportunity to fast-track and further your child’s progress and development. At the end of each intensive block a progress report will be provided which will outline achievements and providing recommendations for follow up at home.


Sessions during Intensives are at a discounted rate, offering great value for money.




Please contact Suzie Hides our Early Intervention & Therapy Supports Manager to make an inquiry.

PlayAbility has a Trans-disciplinary Team of early intervention specialists which include speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and specialist EI teachers. For further information click here
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