Plan Management

Information for Participants

PlayAbility offers Plan Management services, primarily to our early childhood clients.

If you have plan management in your NDIS Plan we can manage your NDIS  funding, pay your provider invoices and send you monthly statements so you can keep track of your plan utilisation.

Please call our office on 64961918 or complete out contact form if you would like us to manage your plan or if  you would like more information. 

Please ensure that you have adequate funds available before you engage providers or purchase services for reimbursement.  A quick call to our office can let you know your current available funds or you can check the NDIS portal (please be aware that services invoiced within the last few days may not have been processed).

Please always check that a service provider you are engaging can be claimed for within the limits of your child's NDIS plan.  Early Childhood plans are usually limited to Therapy Supports and Early Intervention.  Please contact us prior to service delivery if you are unsure.

Please read on for more detailed information.

Plan Management is an NDIS service funded separately in your child’s plan. Our purpose is to assist you to manage the funds in the plan to achieve the best outcomes for your child.


The four main principals of Plan Management include:


1. Achieving goals and outcomes. In order to utilise the funds in your child’s plan effectively we will work in collaboration with you. This will include providing advice about the choices you have regarding access to supports and the funds remaining in the plan.


2. Ensuring independence. It is important that we work with you to manage the funds in the plan in a way that does not seek to further the financial, or other interests, of PlayAbility as an organisation, or any other third party.


3. Demonstrate Accountability. PlayAbility will provide up to date information and advice regarding the management of NDIS funding to purchase supports in accordance with the budget in the plan. We will provide monthly statements and options for approving payments.


4. Consumer awareness. PlayAbility will uphold the rights of NDIS participants and their parents / carers as consumers.


We will enable parents / carers to exercise choice and control over the supports and services they seek to engage in line with the goals in their child’s NDIS plan.


As parents and carers you remain in control of your child’s NDIS plan and can change providers or plan manager without judgement or consequence.

  • PlayAbility has no cancellation notice period if you wish to change service

  • PlayAbility Plan Management as a service is separate to all our other services. This means there is no obligation to have a service agreement for our early childhood or therapy supports


Therapy and early intervention supports for children in early childhood is our main purpose. Our plan management service is small and is targeted at families with limited capacity to access other agencies. If your child has a plan with multiple support categories we can help you to access one of the local or online providers with specialist skills in managing complex plans.


PlayAbility welcomes feedback, including compliments and complaints. Click her for our Feedback Policy or Feedback Form.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, 02 64961918 or

Click here to see more information about Plan Management from the NDIS. 

Service providers

Please send invoices to

It is preferred that invoices are in PDF Format for faster processing

The invoice must include your ABN, the NDIS Participant Name, your bank account details.

Where appropriate, as many of the following details are also expected by the NDIS to be included in an invoice:

•the participant’s NDIS number

•quantity of service or support delivered

•the total cost of service delivered and invoicing amount date(s) of service or support delivered

•location of supports delivered

•NDIS support item name and number (if known) and

Please contact us on 02 64961918 for more information.


Participants seeking reimbursement for services must provide us with a receipt containing the same information as the tax invoice issued from their chosen provider of supports (as stated above).