Early Childhood Early Intervention (aged 0-7)

For older children please see our Therapy Supports Page

Kids Stacking Blocks

PlayAbility is a Registered NDIS Provider, we offer early intervention supports for children with a funded NDIS plan.  Early intervention aims to support the development of skills including social, communication, cognitive, self care, fine and gross motor. Our hope is that by developing these skills each child can participate meaningfully and have a sense of belonging in their local community and culture. 

​PlayAbility uses a Key Worker Approach. Your key worker will be the specialist that your child will work with regularly. This can be at your home, at one of the two PlayAbility centres, at your preschool childcare centre, school or in the community. Your key worker will get to know your child and your family and will provide supports across all the areas you require to reach your goals.

PlayAbility has a Trans-disciplinary Team of early intervention specialists which include speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and specialist EI teachers. As family members and carers, you will also play an important part of this team. Having multiple specialists working together we can provide your child with a holistic approach to their Early Intervention. Your key worker will regularly consult and include other members of our team to provide the best support possible to your child.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your child's development, our early intervention services or the NIDS. 

PlayAbility follows the NDIS price guide. Individual fees and charges will be outlined in each clients Service Agreement. To view PlayAbility’s NDIS Fee Schedule click the button bellow.